Sunday, June 16, 2024


PCB Introduces Elevated-Temp Charge Triaxial Accelerometer

PCB Piezotronics has introduced the Model 357A67, a compact triaxial piezoelectric charge output accelerometer designed to provide precise and reliable vibration and acceleration measurements along three orthogonal axes in temperatures up to +500°F (+260°C). The Model 357A67 features a single multi-conductor cable assembly, replacing the conventional three individual coaxial cable assemblies. This design optimization minimizes […]

Sensirion launches revolutionary miniature CO2 sensor, the STCC4, a supporting photo appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly

Sensiron Debuts Mini CO2 Sensor for HVAC Applications

Sensiron, a renowned leader in environmental sensing solutions, has announced the global market introduction of the STCC4, an industry-exclusive miniature CO2 sensor. Scheduled for launch in the final quarter of 2024, the STCC4 represents a significant advancement in CO2 sensing technology, with unparalleled size optimization, cost efficiency, and minimal power consumption. Engineered for seamless integration […]

Melexis has launched the MLX90830, its first product to feature the new patented TriphibianTM technology. A photo illustration appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly.

Melexis Debuts Miniature MEMS Pressure Liquid and Gas Sensor

Melexis has introduced the MLX90830, an industry-first miniature MEMS pressure sensor, designed for precise gas and liquid media measurements ranging from 2 to 70 bar. Featuring Melexis’ own patented Triphibian technology, this factory-calibrated sensor delivers accurate absolute pressure readings with a proportional analog output signal. At the heart of the MLX90830 lies Melexis’ groundbreaking Triphibian […]

Micro-Epsilon's extended range surfaceCONTROL high-precision 3D snapshot measurement sensors. Photo appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly

New Wider Range Micro-Epsilon Precision 3D Snapshot Sensors

UK-based precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has expanded its surfaceCONTROL range of high-precision 3D snapshot measurement sensors, catering to a broader spectrum of automated, inline measurements for object geometry, shape, and surface quality. The new surfaceCONTROL 3xx0-240 offers an extended measuring range of 240 mm and a measurement area of up to 245 x 180 mm. […]

Endevco 7330 accelerometer photo, appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly

PCB Intros Endevco Model 7330 Triaxial Angular Rate Sensor

PCB Piezotronics has announced the global market introduction of their new Endevco Model 7330 triaxial angular rate sensor. This piezoresistive angular rate sensor is designed to provide reliable, repeatable and accurate measurements of angular and rotational velocity within demanding environments. Design of the Model 7330 triaxial angular rate sensor combines PCB’s own unique silicon MEMS […]