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Scintil Integrates III-V Lasers in Silicon Photonics

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The Grenoble, France-based Scintil Photonics, a leading supplier of innovative silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), today announces the integration of III-V-DFB lasers and amplifiers with standard silicon photonics technology currently in production at the leading global foundry Tower Semiconductor.

Scintil Photonics logo appearing in Electronics Industry Monthly articleIn this groundbreaking technical achievement signifies a significant advancement in the realm of silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and is a pivotal step forward in the reinforcement of Scintil’s supply chain.

Scintil’s fully integrated circuits, built upon a proprietary technology, have revolutionized the landscape of data center, AI, and 5G applications. By seamlessly integrating lasers and amplifiers, Scintil’s circuits deliver unparalleled performance, speed, reliability, and high-density capabilities, all while maintaining low power consumption.

Utilizing Tower Semiconductor’s cutting-edge PH18M silicon photonics foundry technology, Scintil’s circuits leverage low-loss waveguides, photodetectors, and modulators to optimize functionality. Notably, the integration of DFB lasers and amplifiers on the backside of wafers has further elevated performance standards.

Customer testing has affirmed the robustness of Scintil’s circuits, eliminating the need for hermetic packaging and showcasing improved ageing characteristics. This validation underscores the efficacy of Scintil’s approach in meeting the exacting demands of today’s highly technical applications.

Noted Sylvie Menezo, president & CEO of Scintil Photonics. “We are delighted to highlight our collaboration with Tower Semiconductor, a leading global foundry. In our commitment to advancing communication technology and products, our work together marks a significant milestone. Thanks to our long-time collaboration, we are well-positioned to deliver Laser-augmented Silicon Photonic ICs that redefine integration, performance and scalabillity. This will position Scintil for high-volume production to meet market demands. In addition, our technology exhibits remarkable opportunities to accommodate the integration of more materials, such as Quantum Dot and Lithium Niobate materials.”

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About Scintil Photonics
Scintil Photonics specializes in the development and commercialization of Augmented Silicon Photonic Circuits. The company’s cutting-edge technologies include single chip DWDM light sources, featuring 8 to 16 lasers with frequencies spaced by 100 or 200 GHz; and single chip CWDM transmitters capable of handling 800 Gbit/sec and 1600 Gbit/sec, integrating DFB lasers, amplifiers, and receivers. The innovative approach to R&D of Scintil Photonics extends to electronics for low-speed circuit control, complemented by top-of-the-line high-speed Drivers/TIAs.