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Allegro MicroSystems Intros High-Bandwidth Current Sensors

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Allegro MicroSystems Intros High-Bandwidth Current Sensors for High-Performance Power Conversion

The Manchester, New Hampshire-based Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALGM), industry experts in the design, development, and manufacture of power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, has announced the launch of two new high-bandwidth current sensors, the ACS37030 and ACS37032,.

A photo of the AllegroMicrosystems ACS37030/32 current sensors, appearing in an article in Electronics Industry Monthly.
New Allegro MicroSystems ACS37030 and ACS37032 current sensors enable high-performance power conversion with GaN and SiC technologies in EV, clean energy, and data center applications.

These new current sensors are designed to enable high-performance power conversions with GaN and SiC technologies in electrified vehicles, clean energy, and data center applications.

Increasing industry demand for high-power-density Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) FET charging and power infrastructures has given rise to the need for higher-speed, lower-loss devices that can help achieve optimal levels of efficiency and reliability. Traditional current sensing solutions have historically presented certain operating range specification limitations, leading to bulkier finished product designs and increased costs, due to the need for additional components to support increased bills of materials (BOM).

In response to these challenges, Allegro has introduced its two advanced high-bandwidth current sensors – the ACS37030 and ACS37032. These new current sensors have been meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance while minimizing design time and board space requirements.

At the heart of the sensor design of the ACS37030 and ACS37032 is their leveraging of a dual signal paths approach, whereby the sensors utilize Hall-effect elements to capture low-frequency and DC currents. In contrast, high-frequency current data is acquired through an inductive coil. Sensing elements are housed within a compact and efficient fused-lead SOIC-6 package that can withstand harsh automotive and industrial environments, enabling reliability and protection.

The compact design, improved efficiency, and reduced costs of Allegro’s ACS37030 and ACS37032 current sensors make them suitable for use within a variety of high-frequency power electronic system switching applications. Their enhanced design and performance characteristic allow designers to more efficiently manage high-switching frequencies and thermal conditions for higher voltages and currents. By minimizing energy loss and thermal dissipation, the sensors can help ensure the fast response times that are vital for protection and increased efficiencies.

In addition, with their further capability to achieve stable and safe control while mitigating electromagnetic interference, the sensors maintain a 2% sensitivity error over temperature. At the same time, their inductive coil properties increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) as their frequency increases to minimize noise and simplify electromagnetic compatibility.

With these features, the sensors can help engineers to more effectively balance cost considerations, minimize design complexities, and achieve easy-to-design, cost-optimized, high-power, high-frequency switching and power conversion control for GaN and SiC devices.

Of the new series, Matt Hein, product line manager of current sensors at Allegro, noted, “Our ACS37030/2 is the first market solution capable of responding fast enough for high-speed SiC and GaN protection while also providing low-frequency content for power-conversion control. Designers can now minimize their system footprint using GaN and SiC architectures.”

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