Photo to accompany an article on MEMPHIS Electronic Intros First-Ever Lead-free DRAM Modules appearing in Electronics Industry Monthly MEMPHIS Electronic Has Introduced the Industry’s First-Ever Lead-free DRAM Modules

MEMPHIS Electronic Intros First 100% Lead-free DRAM Modules

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The Frankfurt, Germany-based MEMPHIS Electronic, 30 years expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing semiconductor memory components and modules, has introduced a full range of 100% lead-free memory modules.

Photo to accompany an article on MEMPHIS Electronic Intros First-Ever Lead-free DRAM Modules appearing in Electronics Industry Monthly
MEMPHIS Electronic Has Introduced the Industry’s First 100% Lead-free DRAM Modules

Ranging from the first-generation DDR1 to the latest DDR5 generation, the new MEMPHIS Electronic memory modules are believed to be the industry’s first and only known 100% lead-free designs in the world.

Traditionally, industry semiconductor memory module designs have used components containing lead. For manufacturers of long-life electronic products, this has necessitated their seeking extensions of the RoHS directive exemption clause 7c-I to ensure regulatory compliance. This exemption is not necessarily guaranteed.

Marco Mezger, President of MEMPHIS Electronic, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of industrial customers while navigating increasingly stringent regulations. He noted, “With over 30 years of memory expertise and competence, we are on the pulse of the memory demands of our customers. Our industrial customers require longevity products, but with ever stricter regulations, it’s only a matter of time before extensions to existing regulations run out.”

Even though the industry continues to work diligently to find alternative design solutions that reduce the use of harmful substances within their semiconductor memory module designs, any such advancements are typically only implemented within the latest product designs rather than in the legacy versions.

The MEMPHIS Electronic Memory Competence Center leverages its extensive R&D and product expertise to provide its industrial customers with the industry’s first self-configurable, 100% lead-free DRAM modules, and with those design enhancements planned for implementation across the company’s entire product range, including legacy designs.

The company’s first 100% lead-free DRAM module, DDR1, is now available for immediate customer order and shipment. In addition, the 100% lead-free version of the MEMPHIS Electronic DDR5 memory module is sampling now. The lead-free versions of the MEMPHIS Electronic DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory modules are anticipated to be available later this year to complete the product range.

With this new product range, MEMPHIS Electronic aims to mitigate the need for manufacturers to rely on temporary or uncertain RoHS exemptions and, instead, seeks to offer a more reliable and sustainable solution for the customer integration of memory modules into finished electronic product designs.

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Source/Photo Credit: MEMPHIS Electronic

About MEMPHIS Electronic
MEMPHIS Electronic has been in the memory business for over 30 years. Due to the company’s focus on memory only, it has developed into a Memory Competence Center with an unmatched line card of over 18 different memory manufacturers and comprehensive supply chain solutions. Memory experts in 15 locations worldwide provide regional support and manufacturer recommendations to ensure customers find the most suitable technology solution for every project. For this reason, MEMPHIS also configures DRAM modules with components from all available manufacturers specifically to customer needs with a fixed bill of materials over the complete life-cycle.