OLEDWorks announces Atala - a new automotive OLED lighting brand,

OLEDWorks Debuts Atala Brand for Automotive OLED Lighting

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The Rochester, New York-based OLEDWorks has announced the recent launch of Atala, a new automotive brand, dedicated to the continuous commercialization of automotive-qualified OLED lighting technology.

OLEDWorks has announced the launch of Atala, a new OLEDWorks brand dedicated to the continuous commercialization of automotive-qualified OLED lighting technology. Supporting image to article post on Electronics Industry Monthly
OLEDWorks has announced the launch of its new dedicated Atala brand, focused on automotive-qualified OLED lighting technology commercialization.

With a brand name that is derived from a common industry acronym for “advanced technology for automotive lighting applications,” the new Atala product line portfolio will feature a range of automotive qualified OLED lighting products. Each Atala product will be tailored to the needs of both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive Tier 1 suppliers.

Atala products represent the thinnest, brightest, and longest-lasting OLED lights available for automotive use, leveraging OLEDWorks’ technical proficiency and precision manufacturing capabilities.

Typical automotive OLED lighting applications include ambient lighting, tail lights, turn signals, and interior lighting. These applications leverage OLED technology’s thinness, flexibility, and customizable lighting capabilities to enhance vehicle aesthetics and functionality.

Of this new brand formation, OLEDWorks CEO David DeJoy noted, “We are excited to introduce Atala, our latest venture in OLED automotive lighting. With Atala, we are highlighting the pinnacle of OLED technology currently available for automotive applications, as well as advancements poised to revolutionize the industry in the near future.”

Added OLEDWorks Director of Marketing, Kathleen Miller, “The new Atala brand allows us to provide more focused attention to our automotive customers. Atala will offer the highest performing, automotive qualified OLED technology, and opportunities that are catered to the unique needs and requirements of the industry.”

Founded in 2010, OLEDWorks is a global leader in the design, development, and production of innovative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technologies. By delivering the world’s best-performing OLED panels and driving rapid product innovation, OLEDWorks enhances and simplifies lighting solutions across a variety of automotive, specialty, and microdisplay applications. In addition, the company’s manufacturing facility is IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certified, ensuring the full traceability of its products through a factory MES system.

For more information about Atala, visit https://atala.oledworks.com/

For more information about OLEDWorks, visit https://www.oledworks.com/