ROLEC Debuts IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures photo appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly

ROLEC Launches New IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures


Industrial electronics enclosure manufacturer ROLEC Enclosures Inc., a subsidiary of ROLEC Gehäuse-Systeme GmbH, has announced two new ranges of IP-rated plastic housings, the technoPLUS and technoDISC, respectively.

ROLEC Launches New IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures photo appearing in an article on Electronics Industry Monthly
Two New Ranges of IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures from ROLEC

Pole-mountable technoPLUS housing is ideal for outdoor locations, IIoT, measurement, and hubs and offers versatility with IP ratings of 66, 67, and 69K. Available in five sizes ranging from 3.54“ x 5.12“ x 2.76“ to 6.69“ x 10.63“ x 3.54“, technoPLUS features screw bosses for PCBs, mounting plates, and terminal rails, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a pole/mast. Retaining supports hold the lid in place when open, ensuring ease of access and maintenance.

The technoDISC housing, featuring IP ratings of 66 and 67, is designed for instrumentation, measurement, and marine electronics. With availability in four unique sizes ranging from 3.82“ x 4.33“ x 2.17“ to 7.05“ x 7.48“ x 3.54“, technoDISC features screw pillars in the base and lid for PCBs, mounting plates, and assemblies. Its distinctive round shape, reminiscent of a wristwatch, offers a unique aesthetic that complements various settings, including pipework.

Both ranges offer ‘lid closed’ installation to protect the seal and electronics in harsh environments, accommodating membrane keypads, front plates, or product labels. Molded from UV-stable plastics (ASA for technoPLUS, ASA+PC blend for technoDISC), they come in light gray (RAL 7035) with anthracite (RAL 7016) covers to hide screws. Mounting plates, cable glands, and supporting rails are available as accessories for both ranges.

In addition, ROLEC offers full customization options for both housing series, including CNC machining, custom colors, the printing/engraving of legends and logos, RFI/EMI shielding, and assembly. Please contact the factory for details.

For more information on the ROLEC technoPLUS and technoDISC IP-rated plastic enclosures, please click here.

Source/Photo Credit: ROLEC Enclosures Inc.

About ROLEC:
ROLEC is a specialist manufacturer of high-performance enclosures (rated IP 65 to IP 69K), command/HMI housings, and suspension arm systems for industrial electronics and electrical control equipment. With more than 30 years of industry experience, the company’s products are designed to supply test and measurement, machine control, instrumentation, factory automation, robotics, IIoT, marine, and heavy-duty indoor and outdoor building control systems.

Each ROLEC electronic enclosure is designed for fast installations of electronics and electrical components such as PCBs, displays, cable glands, connectors, membrane keypads, chassis plates, terminal rails, and switches. The company’s sealed enclosures are available in a wide range sizes and styles, and are manufactured from a choice of materials, including aluminum, GRP polyester, ABS, polycarbonate and flame retardant and UV-stable ASA+PC, to suit a wide range of applications. All ROLEC enclosures can be fully customized to support virtually any customer requirement.