PCB Introduces Elevated-Temp Charge Triaxial Accelerometer

Aerospace Automotive Electronics Sensors and Transducers

PCB Piezotronics has introduced the Model 357A67, a compact triaxial piezoelectric charge output accelerometer designed to provide precise and reliable vibration and acceleration measurements along three orthogonal axes in temperatures up to +500°F (+260°C).

The new PCB Model 357A7 triaxial charge output accelerometer operates to +260°C.

The Model 357A67 features a single multi-conductor cable assembly, replacing the conventional three individual coaxial cable assemblies. This design optimization minimizes installation space requirements for both the sensor and the cable. Housed within a rugged, hermetically sealed titanium casing, the accelerometer’s internal components ensure durability and reliability. A 4-pin 1/4-28 connector facilitates output connectivity.

Key technical specifications of the Model 357A67 include its compact footprint, measuring just 0.78 x 0.40 x 0.45in (19.8 x 10.2 x 11.4mm), high charge output of 3.0pC/g, high resonant frequency of ≥45kHz, and a ±1,000g measurement range.

Typical applications for the Model 357A67 include automotive powertrain and vehicle systems R&D and NVH testing, satellite HALT/HASS/ESS testing, vibration testing in thermal vacuum environments, and the testing of small objects, turbines, and fuel cells in aerospace and defense.

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